Ubuntu linux 18.04.3 LTS + ADCD z/OS 1.13 + Hercules 1.13 -- Step2 -- Config & prepare CCKD files

Now I think my PC is ready.

So let's prepare the files.

1. Cretae the folder for ADCD system

First, go to entry "/home", create a new folder "ADCD"

sudo mkdir ADCD

Then go to "/home/ADCD/", create a new folder "zos113"

sudo mkdir zos113

Now go back to "/home", and issue the following command to grant access to ADCD folder:

sudo chmod 777 -R ADCD

2. Prepare your ADCD CCKD files(this is my own method):

Now,  go to "/home/ADCD/zos113", and issue the following command to logon my NAS:

ftp 192.168.1.**

Then type the user ID and password.

When can see the CCKD files, issue the following command to get them, this will take a while

prompt off
mget *

After all files be got, then use the following command  to make a copy, just if the file broken, I can just copy it back for save time, go to "/home/ADCD":

sudo cp -R zos113 zos113bk

Go to "/home/ADCD/zos113", to create a config file, please put the config file in the same directory as volume files.

sudo vim zos113.cnf

The file should be like this:

# Hercules Emulator Control file...
# Description: z/OS 1.13 Created by
# MaxShutdownSecs: 15
# System parameters
ARCHMODE                  z/Arch
ALRF                      ENABLE
CNSLPORT                  3270
CONKPALV                  (3,1,10)
CPUMODEL                  3090
CPUSERIAL                 012345
DIAG8CMD                  ENABLE
ECPSVM                    NO
LOADPARM                  0A821WM1
LPARNAME                  HERCULES
MAINSIZE                  12000
NUMCPU                    2
OSTAILOR                  Z/OS
PANRATE                   80
PGMPRDOS                  LICENSED
SHCMDOPT                  NODIAG8
SYSEPOCH                  1900
TIMERINT                  50
TZOFFSET                  +0000
YROFFSET                  0
HERCPRIO                  0
TODPRIO                   -20
DEVPRIO                   8
CPUPRIO                   0
PANTITLE                  "z/OS 1.13 IPL A80"

# Display Terminals
0700.9  3270

# DASD Devices
0A80 3390 ../zos113/ZDRES1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDRES1_Shadow.CCKD
0A81 3390 ../zos113/ZDRES2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDRES2_Shadow.CCKD
0A82 3390 ../zos113/ZDSYS1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDSYS1_Shadow.CCKD
0A83 3390 ../zos113/ZDUSS1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDUSS1_Shadow.CCKD
0A84 3390 ../zos113/ZDPRD1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPRD1_Shadow.CCKD
0A85 3390 ../zos113/ZDPRD2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPRD2_Shadow.CCKD
0A86 3390 ../zos113/ZDPRD3.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPRD3_Shadow.CCKD
0A87 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS1_Shadow.CCKD
0A88 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS2_Shadow.CCKD
0A89 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS3.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS3_Shadow.CCKD
0A8A 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS4.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS4_Shadow.CCKD
0A8B 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS5.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS5_Shadow.CCKD
0A8C 3390 ../zos113/ZDDIS6.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDIS6_Shadow.CCKD
0A8D 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGA.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGA_Shadow.CCKD
0A8E 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGB.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGB_Shadow.CCKD
0A8F 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGC.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGC_Shadow.CCKD
0A90 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGD.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGD_Shadow.CCKD
0A91 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGE.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGE_Shadow.CCKD
0A92 3390 ../zos113/ZDPAGF.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDPAGF_Shadow.CCKD
0A93 3390 ../zos113/SARES1.CCKD sf=../zos113/SARES1_Shadow.CCKD
0A94 3390 ../zos113/VDDA1A.CCKD sf=../zos113/VDDA1A_Shadow.CCKD
0A95 3390 ../zos113/VDDA1B.CCKD sf=../zos113/VDDA1B_Shadow.CCKD
0A96 3390 ../zos113/VDUTAA.CCKD sf=../zos113/VDUTAA_Shadow.CCKD
0A97 3390 ../zos113/VDUTAB.CCKD sf=../zos113/VDUTAB_Shadow.CCKD
0A98 3390 ../zos113/VPDA1A.CCKD sf=../zos113/VPDA1A_Shadow.CCKD
0A99 3390 ../zos113/VPDA1B.CCKD sf=../zos113/VPDA1B_Shadow.CCKD
0A9A 3390 ../zos113/VPDA1C.CCKD sf=../zos113/VPDA1C_Shadow.CCKD
0A9B 3390 ../zos113/VPDA1D.CCKD sf=../zos113/VPDA1D_Shadow.CCKD
0A9C 3390 ../zos113/VPUTAA.CCKD sf=../zos113/VPUTAA_Shadow.CCKD
0A9D 3390 ../zos113/VTDA1A.CCKD sf=../zos113/VTDA1A_Shadow.CCKD
0A9E 3390 ../zos113/VTDA1B.CCKD sf=../zos113/VTDA1B_Shadow.CCKD
0A9F 3390 ../zos113/VTUTAA.CCKD sf=../zos113/VTUTAA_Shadow.CCKD
0AA0 3390 ../zos113/ZDBBN1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDBBN1_Shadow.CCKD
0AA1 3390 ../zos113/ZDBBN2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDBBN2_Shadow.CCKD
0AA2 3390 ../zos113/ZDC411.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDC411_Shadow.CCKD
0AA3 3390 ../zos113/ZDC421.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDC421_Shadow.CCKD
0AA4 3390 ../zos113/ZDDB91.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDB91_Shadow.CCKD
0AA5 3390 ../zos113/ZDDB92.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDB92_Shadow.CCKD
0AA6 3390 ../zos113/ZDDB93.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDDB93_Shadow.CCKD
0AA7 3390 ../zos113/ZDIMS1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDIMS1_Shadow.CCKD
0AA8 3390 ../zos113/ZDIMS2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDIMS2_Shadow.CCKD
0AA9 3390 ../zos113/ZDIMS3.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDIMS3_Shadow.CCKD
0AAA 3390 ../zos113/ZDKAN1.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDKAN1_Shadow.CCKD
0AAB 3390 ../zos113/ZDKAN2.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDKAN2_Shadow.CCKD
0AAC 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA71.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA71_Shadow.CCKD
0AAD 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA72.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA72_Shadow.CCKD
0AAE 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA73.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA73_Shadow.CCKD
0AAF 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA81.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA81_Shadow.CCKD
0AB0 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA82.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA82_Shadow.CCKD
0AB1 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA83.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA83_Shadow.CCKD
0AB2 3390 ../zos113/ZDWA84.CCKD sf=../zos113/ZDWA84_Shadow.CCKD

# TAPE Devices
#0560    3480    F:\OS390\zOS1.6\Tape\TAPE01.het
#0590    3490    F:\OS390\zOS1.6\Tape\TAPE02.het

# CTC Adapters
#0E20    3088    CTCI
#0E21    3088    CTCI

Then save it.

If you want to  change the LOADPARM, please refer:

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  •  Abraham
     发布于 2018-03-06 12:51:20  回复该评论
  • Hello, could you please kindly share the Z/OS CCKD files.. I am not able to find it out them on the internet :(
    I really appreaciate it. Regards
  •  Blobb57
     发布于 2018-02-23 23:05:50  回复该评论
  • I've tried and tried, unfortunately cannot be found...In truth I already have first 20 CCKD of your list. I lack the rest, (DB2, CICS, IMS, etc...), could you please let me get the others? I would be eternally grateful....!! ^_^
  •  Blobb57
     发布于 2018-02-20 23:10:45  回复该评论
  • Hi mate, are you so kind to let me get the entire package please?...Thanks in advance.
    Vincent (an italian mate)...^_^
    •  nova636
       发布于 2018-02-23 20:23:29  回复该评论
    • Hi, ADCD zos 1.13 I think you can get it via internet. maybe you can use googlr to find it
      •  Blobb57
         发布于 2018-02-24 16:43:18  回复该评论
      • ...if you want, you can contact me directly by my email:
        Thanks however for the attention....
      •  Blobb57
         发布于 2018-02-23 23:09:33  回复该评论
      • I've tried and tried, unfortunately cannot be found...In truth I already have first 20 CCKD of your list. I lack the rest, (DB2, CICS, IMS, etc...), could you please let me get the others? I would be eternally grateful....!! ^_^


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